Before booking with us, please take a moment to look at our Billing Policies and Methods of Payment below, as well as our the policies in our Client Contract.

Billing Information

For hourly rates for each bus, please see the exact pricing on each buses’ page.

Rates vary according to duration of reservation. We are more than willing to work with our clients on the pricing for extended reservations. Please feel free to call and see what we can offer you.

Please ask for pricing information if you are a non-profit organization or charitable foundation.

Billing Information

  • When booking, please let your agent know if you have coupons, vouchers, trades, or other discount promotions. For trades, vouchers, and donated certificates, we reserve the right to block out peak hours of operation. (Friday 8:00pm through Sunday 8:00pm.)
  • Gift certificates purchased through our office can be redeemed at all hours of operation.
  • We require a deposit of 20% upon booking to block out your desired Date and Time. We will gladly enter your reservation as pending at any time, but in order to reserve the time you must have a minimum deposit of 20% paid.
  • Balances must be paid to the driver on the run date, before the beginning of the run.
  • All deposits are non refundable within 30 days of reservation unless time is rebooked. Full amount of reservation will be charged if cancelled within 7 days and we are unable to rebook the time.
  • Checks must be paid one week prior to your reservation or be cleared with management for terms of acceptance.
  • There is an hourly minimum for out of town reservations. Please indicate where your pick up point will be and how long your reservation will be.
  • The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the vehicle caused during the duration of the rental by them or any member of their party. A fee of $200.00 will be issued for each burn or tear. Sanitation fee is $200.00 Please do not stand on the seats with shoes on.
  • Overtime will be charged in half hour increments and is to be paid in cash after making arrangements with the driver or charged to an approved credit card with the signature of the card holder.

Methods of Payment

  • Cash is accepted at all times. If you prefer to pay in cash, your balance will be due no later than your pickup time. Please be prepared to pay driver in full at that time.
  • Credit card: We accept most major credit cards. Your reservation can be secured with a valid credit card and or be paid in full at any time prior to departure. Be prepared to provide the proper identification when paying with credit card. To avoid complications we encourage you to pay your reservation balance in full at the earliest convenience.
  • Checks: If you choose to pay by check, you must clear it with our management prior to booking. We gladly accept checks under the proper protocol. Please indicate if you would like to pay by check.

Client Contract

Please be aware of, and abide by, the following rules and regulations while on our buses.

Bus Policies

  • It is illegal to hang out the windows or throw anything out the windows while the vehicle is in motion. Please keep all body parts inside of the vehicle while it is in motion. This will prevent injury and traffic stops from law enforcement.
  • Do not throw anything from the vehicle as it is unlawful to do so.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all our vehicles.
  • Be kind to others during the course of the reservation, FIGHTS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  • Oregon Party Bus is not responsible for delays or termination of run in winter caused by unsafe road conditions. ( ie. Slippery roads, accidents, etc. Or for delays caused by traffic conditions. )
  • Oregon Party Bus is not responsible for articles left in the vehicle. Your driver has been instructed to check the vehicle for items left, before the vehicle leaves your final destination.
  • Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity.
  • Passengers must remain seated while vehicle is in motion.

Alcohol and Substance Policies

  • Alcohol consumption is limited to passengers over the age of 21 and drug use is prohibited by law. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that themselves and their guests are in compliance with all applicable laws use during the course of their reservation. Oregon Party Bus works in conjunction with law enforcement to safeguard against underage drinking and substance abuse.
  • No person under the age of 21 years shall have in their possession, nor consume alcohol while on any of our vehicles. Our drivers have procedures in place to prevent alcohol use during all prom reservations. Each passenger that plans to consume alcohol while on one of our busses needs to be prepared to show photo ID to the driver prior to drinking on the bus.
  • When mixed age groups will be on the bus, each passenger intending to consume alcohol will need to show the driver their ID as proof of age. They will then be issued a tyvek bracelet that they will put on in front of the driver. This will indicate proof of age during the course of the reservation.
  • It is the policy of Oregon Party Bus employees/drivers to contact authorities immediately if they witness or become aware of violations of drug use or underage drinking. The driver has the right to terminate the reservation without refund if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the client or their guest(s).
  • Alcohol is limited to the rear portion of the bus and may not be forward in the driver or loading area.
  • All alcoholic beverages must remain on the bus during the course of the reservation. No drinks containing alcohol may be taken off the bus while stopped at bars, clubs, restrooms, neighborhoods, stores, etc.
  • Oregon Party Bus acknowledges the use of alcohol during the course of some reservations. We would ask that its use be kept in moderation and lawful. We want you to enjoy our unique transportation and stay within the limits of the law.

Any violation of the rules and regulations may be grounds for immediate termination of the reservation with no refund. Oregon party bus wants everyone to have a good time, but we must stay within the limits of the law. Please be respectful and law abiding during the course of the reservation.

Our buses are equipped with digital video recording inside and out.

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