Enjoy the night of your life and make an impression on your friends with a stylish ride!

Arrive At Prom With Style!

Limousines are great but the bus is better!

Enjoy the dance of the year with a large group of your friends at the pre prom party. Our coach will transport your group to dinner at the venue of your choice and be on call to transport you to the dance afterward. Let the parents have a turn in the bus while you dance the night away. Then we'll drop them off and pick you up for the ride back. With all your friends going, your cost is less than a limo and twice as fun.

Prom is one of our busy seasons so book early!

It is unlawful for minors to consume alcohol, therefore we will have procedures in place to screen for alcohol during the course of the high school prom reservation. The driver reserves the right to inspect carry on bags and packs. If you do not wish to have your bag inspected please be prepared to leave it with the driver while on the bus. We want everyone to have a good time but we must do it within the limits of the law.

Oregon Party Bus works in conjunction with law enforcement and school officials to safeguard its clients, and provide peace of mind for their patients.

On prom nights there is a 6 hour minimum reservation time due to the high demand of the busses. You should book early and apply the 20% deposit required to confirm your reservation.

All prom reservations must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the date of prom.

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